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Paz con Dios


The Vision of the Church

Andy Stanley famously said that “vision leaks”. As leaders of the church, we are tasked regularly holding up the vision of the church of our Lord before our congregation. As we do so, we call those who are not yet Christians to join us on this eternal mission, and we call those who are Christians [...]

Colossians: Life in Christ

In this series, we study the letter that the apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Colossea. This letter is a brilliant description of what life in Christ is like. This is a series of teachings that is very useful for Christians today.

Celebrating 15

The Iglesia de la Comunidad is celebrating 15 years. We took this occasion to look at those things that are the most essential to our spiritual life and our relationship with God.


Would you like to use the book Foundations in your church? I preached this material in our church, and you can do the same thing. The messages in this series are an example of how you can use the book Foundations in your teaching and preaching ministry.

The Life of Christ from the Gospel of Matthew

In this series, we look at Jesus: we study his life and we listen to his words. Our prayer is that as we look at Christ, we will come to know Him better, and love Him more, and become more like Him.

The Letter to the Galatians

In this series, journey with the apostle Paul as he examines the question: What makes us good? We will discover that what we base our goodness on can’t make us acceptable before God. And we will discover once again the Gospel message of how God, through Christ, makes us acceptable in his eyes.

Vision – January 2014

From time to time, we take a minute and ask why we do this, why we do church and groups and ministry and discipling and evangelism. In this series, we look at Jesus’s call to his followers. May He fill our hearts with renewed passion for His Kingdom and His glory.

Contemplating Christ

In Christianity, we tend to talk a lot about Jesus, but mostly as He relates to other themes (like salvation, the cross, the Gospel, etc) — with the other theme being primary in the discussion, and Christ being secondary. In this series, we are going contemplate Christ. We are going to look at Jesus. He [...]

Open Heart Surgery

We know we have spiritual problems, but we really struggle to truly change. That’s because we mistake the symptoms for our true problem, and then treat those symptoms instead of truly resolving our heart issues. In this series, we will let God dig deep into our hearts, and radically transform us from the inside out.