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This is a series that we have created to group special occasion messages. They are messages geared towards a particular holiday or event, that you can use in your church as well. Check back around Christmas, Easter, etc for new messages in this series.

Glorious God: Ezekiel’s Vision

The book of Ezekiel presents an incredible vision of the glorious God – the sovereign King of the universe. In this series, we will let this vision unfold before us, as we see and are transformed by the glory of God.


God is the great King of the universe, we are his rebellious creation. In Christ, we have the privilege of being able to approach the Father. This is something that we should take very seriously. 15″”I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! 16 So, [...]

Lights, Camera, Action: the story of Jesus according to Mark

Jesus is the Hero of the story of God. Jesus is the promised Messiah. Jesus is the Son of God and He is God. In this series, we will look at the story of Jesus according to Mark. Mark tells the story of Jesus very concisely. His is a narrative that is full of action [...]

1 Peter: Shaped by the gospel

Many times we think of the gospel as being something that brings us into a relationship with God, and nothing more. Actually, the gospel is how we enter into a relationship with God, and much more. The Bible teaches that the same gospel that saves us is also what God uses to continue changing us. [...]

God in tragedy

Listen online [audio:http://audio.pazcondios.com/DiosenlaTragediaenphil.mp3] Download message Audio: Download Audio Manuscript: Manuscript

The Model

Have you ever asked yourself: why the descriptions of the first church in the book of Acts seem so different from the church we see today? In this series, we look at the model that Jesus left for his church; we also look at how to return to this model.

The Story of God

In all of creation and throughout the entire universe, God is telling a grand story; and he invites each one of us to participate in his story.