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Follow Me

What does it really mean to follow Jesus?

It’s easy to conclude that following Jesus just means being a good person and going to church. But is that what it really means to be a disciple of the living Son of the Almighty God — just a good church-goer?

In this book we look at the radical, purpose-filled life that Jesus actually calls his followers to live.

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This book provides an excellent text to use for teaching — both for small group studies or for preaching. Please use these resources freely in your teaching and preaching ministry.

Intro Sermon

Introducing Follow Me

Sermon Outlines

Message 1: PDF DOC
Message 2: PDF DOC
Message 3: PDF DOC
Message 4: PDF DOC
Message 5: PDF DOC
Message 6: PDF DOC
Message 7: PDF DOC
Message 8: PDF DOC
Message 9: PDF DOC

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  • Zachary Blaisdell. February 15, 2022, 10:08 pm

    Is this book available in print form? How to order???