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Foundations: A baseline of Christian belief

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In the Bible there are many stories, prophecies, poems, teachings, ideas, examples, and instructions. There is a lot of information about God and about us and about how to relate to Him.

However, so much information can cause confusion. It’s difficult to integrate so many different ideas. It’s hard to know what it all means, and how to form true convictions and opinions.

It would be incredibly helpful if in the Bible there were some foundational ideas — fundamental principals and unifying concepts —.

In reality, there are some big ideas that stand out in the Bible. These are ideas that run throughout all of the biblical text, through all the stories, prophecies, poems, and teachings.

These ideas form the foundation of a relationship with God. They give structure to all of the information in the Bible. They breathe meaning into the rest of life.

In Foundations, we examine these ideas in order to discover how to correctly relate with God, and how to find peace and joy in Him.

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